Hüper Optik films offer the most effective in terms of performance, aesthetics, protection and energy conservation for our customers. For comfort and solar protection in your home or office consumers regularly select Hüper Optik select Films, the superior selection.

Cutting Edge Technology

Hüper Optik select films provide a refreshing alternative to traditional metalized window films by combining outstanding performance with a range of natural, sophisticated shades. Using state-of-the-art multistack thin-film technologies, the manufacturing method involves depositing alternating layers of microscopic precious gold and silver metals and dielectric substances onto ultra clear films to create an unparalleled heat, glare and ultra-violet shield.

Remarkable Heat Rejection Performance

Hüper Optik select films offer the most protection with unmatched high heat rejection performance. As a result of the films’ spectrally selective technology, visibility is not compromised. These films reject damaging infra-red and ultra-violet light rays that cause heat and fading, all without considerably reducing visible light transmittance.

Additionally, they are 100%  dye-free and will not fade over time. Unlike standard hybrid metalized films that use dyed polyester layers or apply dye in adhesives to tone down the metallic look, Hüper Optik select films provide a neutral, soft tone that does not metallic or shiny.