Commercial Window Tinting Services

Glass windows and doors represent the maximum areas for heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. The amount of heat that passes through windows during these times is astounding and can come with a very high price tag in the form of your utility bills. Taking efforts to minimize thermal transfer with commercial window tinting films will make a big difference in your utility bills and comfort within your home or office.

Our commercial window tinting films aggressively resolve thermal transfer problems by rejecting up to 80% of the solar energy (heat) which will dramatically reduce air-conditioning load, while “insulating” the windows in the winter months and rejecting heat throughout the summer months. This energy saving application saves money and provides solutions for many other heat related issues.

Commercial customers comment frequently on the extra benefits of commercial window tinting such as eliminating annoying sun glare to offer better views outdoors on bright, sunny days. Clients have even said “It is like putting on a pair of polarized sunglasses” We can provide very dark commercial window tinting film if you need to minimize outside views of office equipment or simply want more privacy. We can also provide commercial window tinting film that is very light while offering great heat rejection and UV protection for businesses who want outside viewers to see inside while protecting their products for the damaging heat. This is especially important for businesses that rely on their storefront presence to attract consumers. Unlike vehicles, there are no legal darkness limits on commercial window tinting.

A commercial window tinting installation can be done with virtually no disruption to your business and will not pose any construction type of risks to your customers or employees. A typical retail store or restaurant project can be done in one to two days. Call us today for more information on types of Commercial Window Tinting Films and window tinting installation. If you have any questions or wish to request a FREE PROPOSAL for a commercial window tinting job, Contact us today!

Benefits of Commercial Window Films

  • Energy efficient Window Films reduce energy costs by reducing the entry of heat in the summer and retaining heat during cooler months.
  • Increased employee comfort and productivity by maintaining a consistent climate and reducing the effect of hot spots
  • Enhanced appearance by eliminating visual clutter and creating a sleek, uniform appearance, while greatly reducing the fading of furniture, carpeting, and artwork by screening out 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Safety Window films, along with the health benefits of UV reduction help to hold shattered glass in place in the case of an accident or disaster. See the Security Film page for more information on this.