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Hüper Optik films offer the most effective in terms of performance, aesthetics, protection and energy conservation for our customers. For comfort and solar protection in your home or office consumers regularly select Hüper Optik select Films, the superior selection.

Cutting Edge Technology

Hüper Optik select films provide a refreshing alternative to traditional metalized window films by combining outstanding performance with a range of natural, sophisticated shades. Using state-of-the-art multistack thin-film technologies, the manufacturing method involves depositing alternating layers of microscopic precious gold and silver metals and dielectric substances onto ultra clear films to create an unparalleled heat, glare and ultra-violet shield.

Remarkable Heat Rejection Performance

Hüper Optik select films offer the most protection with unmatched high heat rejection performance. As a result of the films’ spectrally selective technology, visibility is not compromised. These films reject damaging infra-red and ultra-violet light rays that cause heat and fading, all without considerably reducing visible light transmittance.

Additionally, they are 100%  dye-free and will not fade over time. Unlike standard hybrid metalized films that use dyed polyester layers or apply dye in adhesives to tone down the metallic look, Hüper Optik select films provide a neutral, soft tone that does not metallic or shiny.

Why Choose East Coast Window Films?

Why do our customers choose our window film services over the competition?

Custom Approach

Every property is unique, just like our customers. East Coast Window Films knows the value of your time and trust. Our commitment to customer service reflects that understanding.

Experts In Window Film

Window Film is what we know. Our teams are trained, experienced, and undergo continual education to keep our expertise and understanding of the best films and installation techniques up to date.

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Our consultations are free. Our experts will come to your home or business and work with you to determine the window film that fits your needs. We're in it to make properties beautiful and energy efficient, not nickle and dime.


Residential Window Film


At East Coast Window Films, we specialize in providing top-quality residential window tinting services that will completely transform your home. Whether you're looking to enhance energy efficiency, increase privacy, or improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your living space, our expert team is here to deliver exceptional results

Commercial Window Film


At East Coast Window Films, we provide expert commercial window film installation. Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality results that enhance the appearance and functionality of your commercial space, office, retail establishment or storefront.

Marine Window Film


East Coast Window Films provides high-quality marine window film services for boat owners and enthusiasts. Our team of experienced professionals understands the unique challenges faced by watercraft, and we are dedicated to enhancing your boating experience through our top-notch window film solutions.

Decorative Window Film


East Coast Window Films provides high-quality decorative window film solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our extensive range of stylish and customizable options allows us to transform your plain windows into stunning works of art while enhancing privacy, reducing glare, and increasing energy efficiency.

Safety Window Film


At East Coast Window Films, we understand the importance of protecting your property from unforeseen dangers. We offer a comprehensive solution to fortify your windows with our state-of-the-art safety window film. With this advanced technology, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your windows are equipped with the ultimate defense shield against various threats.

Commercial Window Film


Whether you own a residential or commercial space, our high-quality security window film is designed to provide an extra layer of protection against various threats and intrusion. With our expertise and industry-leading products, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your windows are fortified against potential break-ins, accidents, and natural disasters.

Residential Window Film


East Coast Window Films' Green Energy Film offers an environmentally-friendly solution for windows. This innovative product aids in reducing carbon footprints by promoting energy efficiency. It aids in managing interior temperatures by reflecting heat during the summer and retaining warmth in winter, resulting in significant energy savings.

Privacy Window Film


We understand the importance of privacy and comfort in your home or business. That's why East Coast Window Films offers a wide range of high-quality privacy window film solutions to meet your needs. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to transform your windows into secure, stylish, and private spaces.

Residential Window Film


East Coast Window Films' UV-Blocking Window Film is an exceptional solution for mitigating harmful solar rays. It proficiently blocks up to 99% of UV radiation, significantly reducing the risk of skin damage and preventing fading or discoloration of your interiors. This film not only ensures a safer, healthier indoor environment but also helps maintain the vibrancy and lifespan of your furnishings.


We at East Coast Window Films in New Jersey and Florida, want to be your go-to company for window film! We offer a wide range of film options that perfectly match your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. We have something for everyone from classic window film to more innovative options!

Contact us to learn about window film in New Jersey or Florida and schedule a consultation! We would be happy to help you determine the best film option for your needs and wishes.