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Award-Winning Window Film
in Gloucester, Salem, Cumberland, & Nearby Areas in New Jersey

Improve energy efficiency, increase privacy and add security to your home or business with Window Film

For homeowners and business owners in New Jersey, East Coast Window Films is your trusted partner for exceptional window film installation services. Our seasoned team of professionals boasts a broad skillset, capable of handling the most challenging window film project. From residential and commercial applications to more intricate decorative endeavors, we have a proven track record of delivering top-tier results. Over the years, we have proudly served a diverse clientele throughout South Jersey, establishing a formidable reputation through our meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail.

At East Coast Window Films, we are committed to providing custom-tailored solutions that fit to your unique needs. Whether your aim is to improve privacy, optimize energy efficiency, safeguard your spaces from harmful UV rays, or instill an air of sophistication with elegant film designs, our proficiency and innovative solutions align with your distinct specifications. We place the utmost importance on aligning our expertise with your specific needs, ensuring that our service results in an ideal match with your expectations.

Enhance Your Space with the Finest Window Film Solutions in South Jersey.

5-Star Window Film Services in New Jersey

Engaging East Coast Window Films for your window film installation promises not just an impressive service but a commitment to longevity. We exceed merely meeting expectations – we aim to surpass them, offering installations that stand the test of time. In entrusting your project to us, you are choosing professional service that translates to sustainable results. With East Coast Window Films, you’re not only investing in an exceptional product, but also in a long-lasting, quality outcome that serves your needs for years to come.


Our Window Film Services

Residential Window Film

Residential window film services strike a perfect balance between natural light and thermal management, offering an array of benefits such as UV ray protection, improved energy efficiency, glare reduction, and bolstered privacy.

Commercial Window Film

Our commercial window film solutions are engineered to excel in heat rejection, minimize glare, and shield against UV rays, thereby enhancing energy efficiency. In addition, they contribute to preserving a polished, professional aesthetic while safeguarding invaluable assets.

Marine Window Film

Our marine window film services are designed to offer UV shielding, diminish heat, and manage glare, paving the way for a cooler and more pleasant experience on the water. Simultaneously, they play a vital role in protecting your boat’s interior from the detrimental effects of sun exposure.



East Coast Window Films specializes in providing premium window films that are instrumental in reducing energy expenses and fostering a more conducive living or working atmosphere. Leveraging our expertise in window film installation, we present versatile solutions tailored to accommodate a diverse array of requirements and applications.

Heat Control Window Film

Our heat control window films are designed to mitigate solar heat gain by obstructing infrared radiation. These films play a critical role in sustaining comfortable indoor temperatures and lightening the burden on cooling systems. This leads to a cooler, more energy-optimized setting, contributing to a substantial decrease in energy expenditures.

Sun Control Window Film

Our sun control window film helps lessen the harsh glare and harmful effects of bright sunlight. In spaces with large windows like offices, stores, and houses with bay windows or sliding glass doors it can make watching tv or using a computer a much more pleasant experience. Imagine enjoying the natural light without squinting from the glare.

UV Blocking Window Film

UV rays can make furniture, floors, artwork, and other special things fade or break down over time. Window films that block UV rays can help stop this, keeping everything inside looking nice and new. When you use UV-blocking window film, your things can last longer, which means you don’t have to spend money replacing them so often.



Window film works like a thin cover that we place on a house or building’s windows. It helps to block some of the heat and light from entering through the glass. Also, it gives people inside more privacy and can make the place more secure.


Our Window FILM Services

Residential Window Film

At East Coast Window Films, we offer top-notch heat control, solar control, UV-Blocking. safety and security films for homeowners

Commercial Window Film

Getting your window film installed is a fantastic method to boost both energy conservation and aesthetic appeal for your business.

Marine Window Film

Marine window film offers a practical solution to enhance your boating experience by managing heat and glare. It not only adds a touch of sophistication to your vessel but also improves energy efficiency, making your journeys more comfortable and enjoyable.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window film serves as a creative way to elevate the appearance of your space while also adding an element of privacy. It's not just about aesthetics; this stylish solution also offers the practical benefit of diffusing light, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Window FILM Benefits

Safety and Security

Window film helps to keep thieves out by making it difficult for them to see what’s inside the home. Additionally, window film can help protect you and your family in an emergency by blocking out unwanted light.

Energy Efficiency

Most window film is made from a tougher, more durable plastic than regular window film. This type of plastic absorbs sunlight rather than reflecting it as traditional window films do.

Enhanced Viewing

Windows film can block the glare from the the sun's rays. If you've ever been blinded by the sun early or late in the day or found TV or computer screen to be impossible to see because of the sun's rays, window film is the perfect solution.

Protection from the Sun

Window film helps to protect you from harmful ultraviolet and solar radiation that can cause skin cancer, premature aging, eye strain, and other health problems.

Improved Thermal insulation

With the right window film, your window act as thermal insulators. Block the heat from entering your home or business in the summer and holding more heat inside your home or business in the winter.

Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT WINDOW FILM

A: Window film helps block the sun’s harmful rays from entering your car or home. This can help to protect you against skin cancer and other health risks associated with exposure to the sun. It can also help keep your property cooler in summertime and warmer in wintertime.

A: There are numerous window film options, including solar protection film (SPF), which blocks out 97% of UV rays. Safety film prevents glass from shattering when impacted. Security film protects your home or business from intrusion.

A: All of our window film projects are backed by a manufacturers guarantee and our level of service guarantee. We deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

A: Prices for window film vary depending on the size of the window, style, and type of film used.

A: Definitely! Window film reduces sun exposure, cuts down glare, reduces energy efficiency and provides a number of other benefits. 

The Benefits of Window Film By The Numbers

High-Quality Window Film offers a number of benefits to home owners and business owners in New Jersey and the surrounding area. East Coast Window Films is proud to offer the best window film solutions to residential, commercial and retail property owners.

3 Years

Window Film Pays For Itself In Energy Savings


Reduction in Energy Costs With Window Film


Lower Costs For Film Versus Window Replacement


The Sun’s Heat Rejected By Window Film

Why Choose Us

Expertise and Professionalism

At East Coast Window Films, we recognize the significant investment that window film can be into your home. To deliver exceptional results, we have assembled the best window film installers in South Jersey. We meticulously devote ample time to every project, ensuring each window film job is executed flawlessly the first time. We leverage cutting-edge technology to achieve unparalleled installations. Rest assured, our seasoned team is highly proficient and has vast experience tackling a wide range of complex installations.

Value for Your Money

At East Coast Window Films, our teams are dedicated to utilizing only the finest window films and products available in New Jersey. Our extensive array of window film options is tailored to cater to your distinct requirements. Whether you're looking for transparency films that facilitate a clear outdoor view while mitigating heat and sunlight, or security films designed to fortify your home or business against break-ins, we've got you covered with top-tier solutions.

Competitive Pricing

At East Coast Window Films, we know price is an important consideration. Our team delivers stellar results while keeping affordability in mind. With a broad range of window films that cater to various budget requirements, we ensure value for every price point. Regardless of your needs, we're always at your service, ready to assist.

Customer Service

We believe that exemplary customer service is instrumental to our success. This is why our team is committed to delivering superior customer service at every step of the process—from providing you with all the necessary information before your appointment, to post-installation follow-ups. Our objective is to ensure that your experience with us is not just positive, but 5-Stars.



We at East Coast Window Films in New Jersey and Florida, want to be your go-to company for window film! We offer a wide range of film options that perfectly match your lifestyle, preferences, and budget. We have something for everyone from classic window film to more innovative options!

Contact us to learn about window film in New Jersey or Florida and schedule a consultation! We would be happy to help you determine the best film option for your needs and wishes.


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