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UV Blocking film protects your home or business

UV Blocking Film is an innovative solution that offers a host of benefits, significantly enhancing your home or office environment. This special film is applied to your window glass, designed specifically to block out harmful UV rays, while reducing glare and bolstering privacy.

The unique properties of UV Blocking Film make your indoor environment more comfortable and safer. During summer, it prevents excessive sunlight and heat, creating a cooler atmosphere. In winter, it helps retain indoor warmth, adding a cozy feel.

However, it’s crucial to engage a professional for the installation of UV Blocking Film. The process requires specialized skills and meticulous preparation to ensure optimal performance and longevity. A haphazard or unskilled installation could lead to poor results and potential damage to your windows. Trust a professional to do it right, and you can reap the full benefits of your UV Blocking Film.


Your home is your castle and your business is how you pay your bills. The last thing you want is the sun’s damaging UV rays fading your furniture, flooring and furnishing in your home or your property and merchandise in your business. Luckily, there is a solution!

Keep your home or business safe from the sun with UV Blocking Film from East Coast Window Films! You’ll not only protect your property, you’ll see big savings on your energy bills too!


Our daily exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can have adverse effects, many of which we may not immediately recognize. UV Blocking Film serves as a robust shield against these rays, offering a range of additional benefits that enhance the quality of life in our homes or workplaces.

Health Protection

UV rays are notorious for causing health problems, such as skin aging, eye damage, and even skin cancer. By filtering out up to 99% of these harmful rays, UV Blocking Film can significantly diminish your risk of health complications. This layer of protection benefits not just you, but also your family members or employees, making the film an essential health safeguard.

Increased Energy Efficiency

UV Blocking Film isn't just about health protection; it also plays a role in energy efficiency. The film absorbs and reflects a fraction of the sun's heat, reducing the reliance on artificial cooling during hot weather. Consequently, you could see a noticeable drop in your energy expenses, positioning the film as an economically sound addition to your property.

Enhanced Comfort

One of the first benefits you'll notice with UV Blocking Film is an increase in comfort. By moderating the amount of sunlight and heat entering a space, the film contributes to a consistent indoor climate. You'll experience cooler summers and warmer winters, making your home or office a more enjoyable environment.

Protection Against Fading

UV rays can cause significant fading to your interiors, affecting everything from furniture and flooring to artwork and merchandise. UV Blocking Film, which efficiently blocks up to 99% of these damaging rays, keeps the integrity and color of your belongings intact. This preservation of your items extends their life, reducing the cost of replacements or repairs.

Increased Privacy and Security

UV Blocking Film also enhances the privacy of your space. Depending on the tint level, the film can limit visibility into your home or office from the outside. This element of obscurity can deter potential intruders, giving your property an extra layer of security.


UV Blocking Film provides more than UV protection. It safeguards your health, boosts energy efficiency, optimizes comfort, prevents interior fading, and heightens privacy and security. The immediate and long-term benefits it offers make it a worthy investment for any homeowner or business proprietor.


UV Blocking Film is an affordable and cost-efficient solution that promises significant savings over time. While the initial investment may vary based on the size and number of windows in your property, the benefits realized are considerable. The film’s ability to block a significant portion of the sun’s heat reduces the strain on your cooling system, especially during hot summer months, leading to lower energy bills.

Moreover, by protecting your interiors from the sun’s harmful UV rays, UV Blocking Film extends the life of your furniture, flooring, and other valuable items. This decreases the frequency and cost of replacement or repair due to fading or other UV-related damages. Over time, these savings add up, making UV Blocking Film not just a cost-effective solution, but also a smart investment for your home or business. With UV Blocking Film, affordability goes hand in hand with long-term savings.

Frequently Asked Questions ABOUT UV BLOCKING FILM

A: UV Blocking Film is a thin, transparent film applied to windows that blocks out harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, reducing heat, enhancing privacy, and protecting interiors from fading.

A: Most high-quality UV Blocking Films can block up to 99% of UV rays, providing substantial protection against the sun’s damaging effects.

A: Yes, UV Blocking Film reflects and absorbs a portion of the sun’s heat, contributing to cooler indoor temperatures during the summer months.

A: Absolutely. By reducing the amount of heat that enters your property, the film decreases the need for air conditioning, leading to lower energy bills.

A: Depending on the level of tint, UV Blocking Film can increase privacy by limiting the visibility into your property from the outside.

A: While it’s possible to install UV Blocking Film yourself, professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal performance and to avoid potential damage to your windows.

A: Yes. By blocking harmful UV rays, the film prevents fading and prolongs the life of your furniture, flooring, and other valuable items.

A: UV Blocking Film is generally very thin and transparent. It can have a tint, depending on the level of privacy you prefer, but typically it doesn’t alter the appearance of your windows significantly.

A: When applied correctly, UV Blocking Film does not damage your windows. However, improper installation could lead to issues, which is why professional installation is recommended.

A: Depending on the quality of the film and the specifics of the installation, UV Blocking Film can last for many years. Some high-quality films even come with a warranty of up to 15 years or more.

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