Ceramic series window tinting films offer an effective combination of energy saving performance while maintaining clear views. Hüper Optik window tinting films deliver the value of a true MultiLayered Ceramic film.

German Protection

Hüper Optik Ceramic window tinting films utilize German technology to form the world’s first nano-ceramic solar control films for the window film trade. Using advanced techniques and enhanced process control, the manufacturing method involves depositing fine ceramic coatings onto ultraclear films to transform the product into a high performance heat, glare and ultra-violet light barrier. This patented technology is unique to Hüper Optik, enabling the films to simply outperform all standard dyed, metallic and powder-coated films available on the on the market today, while maintaining a clear view.

Ceramic Performance

Hüper Optik Ceramic films are 100 percent metal-free, 100 percent dye-free and will not dematerialize or fade. Ceramics (often associated with demanding industrial applications) are known to be the foremost durable material, capable of tolerating the harshest environments on land and at sea. Unlike dyed or metalized films, Hüper Optik’s spectrally tuned ceramic films provide excellent heat rejection properties without compromising visibility, have low reflectivity and will not appear shiny. A natural view is maintained both day and night.

Our Multilayered Ceramic Window Tinting Films deliver the following benefits:

  •     German engineered, nano ceramic technology
  •     Added protection and performance of multiple layers of true ceramic
  •     Protects against glare and fading caused by UV rays
  •     Provide ultra clear views both day and night
  •     Do not appear shiny
  •     Have high heat rejection